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Adopt A Vine

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Create Your Legacy

Always wanted to own your own vineyard?

A unique gift for Valentine's, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because! Adopt-A-Vine allows you to engage with the vine-to-wine process on an intimate level, giving you a unique insight into the work and skill that goes into crafting each bottle of James Charles wine. 

Be a part of the evolution of our first estate-grown grapes at James Charles! Not only will you be a supporter of local agriculture, you'll have a piece of a vineyard to call your own!


From Vine to Wine

Your fruit's journey from vineyard to bottle

Fruit from your vine will be used in the production of James Charles wine for years to come - create your own legacy for Shenandoah Valley winemaking! You can always say you were part of the movement from the beginning!

There's never been a more important time to advocate for the precious land and farming resources of the Valley, and that's why we're donating $1 to Shenandoah Valley Buy Fresh Buy Local for each vine adopted. 


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Adopt A Vine

Program and benefits

  • You'll receive two bottles of Chenin Blanc wine made from our estate-grown vines in the fourth year of your adoption
  • You'll receive two James Charles wine glasses upon signing up
  • You'll receive a personalized "certificate of adoption" indicating the location of your vine
  • Your name will appear on a plaque in the James Charles tasting room
  • A tag with your name will be placed on your vine
  • Each year, you'll have the opportunity to have a photo with your vine and sent to you digitally
  • All vine parents will be invited to participate in harvest
  • Vine parents will be given special opportunities for events and discounts
  • You'll receive a seasonal newsletter from the winemaker describing the progess of the vineyard
  • Each adoption lasts for four years


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click here for a map of the vineyard

Row 1, Vine 1

Alana Alger & Kristen White



Row 1, Vine 2

Richard Patterson

Row 1, Vine 3

Steven J Klubertanz



Row 1, Vine 4

Ethel & Scott Granholm

Row 1, Vine 5

Sara Hines



Row 1, Vine 6

Kathy Pierson, in memory of James Lary

Row 1, Vine 7

Marsha Bliss



Row 1, Vine 8

Bob & April Wilkerson

Row 1, Vine 9

Pamela Reichert



Row 1, Vine 10

Neil & Charlene Swenson

Row 1, Vine 11

Barbara Barath



Row 1, Vine 12

Keith Johnson

Row 1, Vine 13

Drew & Elizabeth Longerbeam



Row 1, Vine 14

Melissa & Jean Orban

Row 1, Vine 15

Jim & Robynann Martin



Row 1, Vine 16

Bobby Lancaster

Row 1, Vine 17

Lisa Baker



Row 1, Vine 18

John & Mary Jane Snowdall

Row 1, Vine 19

Irma B Whitmire



Row 1, Vine 20

Susan Largent

Row 1, Vine 21

Sally Loy Woodward & Amy Dawson Robertson



Row 1, Vine 22

Mark & Heather Leonard

Row 1, Vine 23

Don & Nancy Sabella



Row 1, Vine 24

Ray & Concetta Kimbro

Row 1, Vine 25

David Watterson



Row 1, Vine 26

Hannah Watterson & Marlin Conway

Row 1, Vine 27

Sam & Gail Long



Row 1, Vine 28

Sarah Lawson

Row 1, Vine 29

Lynn Whitmire



Row 1, Vine 30

Bonnie & Ronnie Muth

Row 1, Vine 31

Matt & Rebecca Falter



Row 1, Vine 32

Modify Girl

Row 2, Vine 1

Timothy Quinn



Row 2, Vine 2

Kelly M. Tanksley

Row 2, Vine 3

B & B



Row 2, Vine 4

Therrien Brood

Row 2, Vine 5

Mark Brown



Row 2, Vine 6

Brent & Carol Stultz

Row 2, Vine 7

Steve & Annie Allenson



Row 2, Vine 8

Debbie & Greg Leck


Row 2, Vine 9

Kathy Butler



Row 2, Vine 10

Greg & Sonya Jenkins

Row 2, Vine 11

Gretchen Saunders



Row 2, Vine 12

David & Patricia Grosso

Row 2, Vine 13

Lauren Post & Matthew Stone



Row 2, Vine 14

Brian & Samantha Krostue

Row 2, Vine 15

Matt & Jessica Smith



Row 2, Vine 16

Aussie Kliewer

Row 2, Vine 17

Doris Montgomery



Row 2, Vine 18

Katt Eaton

Row 2, Vine 19

Kyle Lowery



Row 2, Vine 20

Joanie & Gordon Stetz

Row 2, Vine 21

Jessica Pecoraro



Row 2, Vine 22

Jonathan, Melissa & Ella Green


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