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Adopt a Vine

A unique gift for Valentine's, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because! Adopt-A-Vine allows you to engage with the vine-to-wine process on an intimate level, giving you a unique insight into the work and skill that goes into crafting each bottle of James Charles wine.
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IMPORTANT: When adopting a vine, please make sure to fill out this short form so we know in whose name the adoption will be.



  • You'll receive two bottles of Chenin Blanc wine made from our estate-grown vines in the fourth year of your adoption
  • You'll receive two James Charles wine glasses upon signing up
  • You'll receive a personalized "certificate of adoption" indicating the location of your vine
  • Your name will appear on a plaque in the James Charles tasting room
  • A tag with your name will be placed on your vine
  • Each year, you'll have the opportunity to have a photo with your vine and sent to you digitally
  • All vine parents will be invited to participate in harvest
  • Vine parents will be given special opportunities for events and discounts
  • You'll receive a seasonal newsletter from the winemaker describing the progess of the vineyard
  • Each adoption lasts for four years