Savoring Steaks & Sips: The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine with Steak

Steak and wine – is there a more classic combination? The rich, savory flavors of a well-cooked steak deserve a fine wine to elevate the dining experience. At James Charles Winery, we understand the art of pairing and have created a guide to help you select the perfect wine for your steak dinner.

  1. Filet Mignon & Pinot Noir Filet Mignon is a lean, tender cut of beef with subtle flavors. To complement this, you need a wine that won’t overpower its delicate taste. Pinot Noir, with its light to medium body and flavors of ripe red fruit, is a perfect companion for Filet Mignon. Its high acidity helps cut through the richness of the steak without overpowering it.
  2. Ribeye Steak & Cabernet Sauvignon Ribeye is a full-flavored, fatty, and juicy steak that calls for a wine with similar characteristics. Cabernet Sauvignon, known for its full-bodied profile and high tannins, can stand up to a rich Ribeye. Our James Charles 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon, with its notes of dark chocolate and blackcurrant, pairs wonderfully with a well-marbled Ribeye.
  3. New York Strip & Merlot New York Strip, a tender and moderately fatty steak, pairs well with a medium to full-bodied Merlot. Merlot’s plush tannins and flavors of dark fruit and spice complement the robust flavor of a New York Strip without overwhelming it.
  4. Sirloin & Zinfandel Sirloin, a lean but flavorful cut, pairs beautifully with Zinfandel, a bold and fruity wine. The wine’s jammy fruit flavors and spice notes enhance the steak’s flavor without overpowering it.
  5. T-Bone & Bordeaux Blend The T-Bone is a two-in-one treat, featuring both the tender filet and the flavorful strip. A Bordeaux blend, like our 1913 Ameritage Blend, matches the complexity of this cut. The mixture of Cabernet Franc and Merlot in this blend complements both the rich flavor and the tenderness of the T-Bone.
  6. Flank Steak & Malbec Flank steak, a lean cut often marinated or seasoned to enhance its flavor, pairs well with Malbec. This wine’s plush tannins and ripe black fruit flavors can stand up to the bold flavors of a marinated flank steak.

Remember, the “rules” of pairing are just guidelines. Your personal preference should always be the deciding factor. So, whether you’re dining at home or visiting us at James Charles Winery, don’t be afraid to try different combinations to discover your perfect steak and wine pairing. Cheers!

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