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A unique gift for Valentine's, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because! Adopt-A-Vine allows you to engage with the vine-to-wine process on an intimate level, giving you a unique insight into the work and skill that goes into crafting each bottle of James Charles wine.
Due to the limited availability of this item, the maximum order quantity is 1.
The Grapeseed Company's fabulous massage oil formula is a lovely, moisturizing blend of organic and cold pressed grapeseed, apricot kernel, soy, sunflower oils and vitamin e.
A custom scented, antioxidant rich beard grooming oil to tame your manly bristles and condition your delicate facial skin.
Formulated with natural cocoa butter, coconut and preserved with rosemary oleoresin, this will be your go-to grapeseed product on the beach, the slopes and everywhere in between!
Who doesn’t love wine and chocolate? Indulge in a delectable vinotherapy treatment rich in age-fighting resveratrol found in our crushed grapeseeds & red wine extract.
It’s called Vine Eyes for two reasons: it’s truly a divine formula to target aging issues, and (of course) it originates from the vine!
Indulge in a luxurious, antioxidant rich travel amenities kit, handmade with love in Santa Barbara.
Antioxidant rich white tea, grape extract and organic local wine cleanse and infuse the skin with 100% pure, natural grapeseed goodness.